Isn’t is funny how words can incite so many? Over the last week my SL has been filled with drama. Yes that ugly word that we fight so hard against. I have been told that to talk the talk is all good and fine but now is the time to walk the walk. I pride myself in being an honest person and being respectful of others and their thoughts and beliefs. I find it amazing in this day and age that so much of those core values are thrown out the window because of “it is only online”. We choose to be in SL and at anytime we can hit the “red” X. All true but it is time to say some of the following: It is my right to be able to log into a program and meet and relax and interact with whom I choose. It is my right to pick what I wish to do in a program. It is my right to have a view on things. It is my right above all else to be treated as a human being.

I treat others the way I wish to be treated, is it to much in this day and age for others to act the same way? Because it is online seems to be the theme of “I can do anything I wish, anyway I want without consequences” Just because you can’t see a person doesn’t mean they are any less real. Most of us have pride in something we do and this brings me to my soapbox rant of the night.

As many of know I teach dance and dance in SL. I love it and I love all my students and yes I mean them all. We don’t always agree on things, but then again, here comes that little word again, we are “human”. I love what each and everyone of them not only bring to my life but to what they bring to each other. I started in Gor and SL back in 2004. As most know Rya isn’t my first avatar. I learned a lot and learned from making mistakes.

I teach that dance is dance in all its forms. It is expression, it is the love you feel when you hear a song and you want to just start dancing, it is the feelings it brings out in you. Each dancer is unique in what he/she does and placing labels on him or her is just boxing them in. Let them be. Let them entertain you with their dance.

No one has the right to say because you are not from a certain type of rp that you can’t dance. Show me and I do mean SHOW me where in any world that is written. I received a notice tonight that really just had me sitting back in my chair going WOW really? The one line that really took me back was:Bring the dance back to Gor. If my memory serves me right, (you can ask any of my students I remember everything) when did it leave and when did it become cut off from the rest of the dance community? I have spent years in SL trying to remind dancers they are unique and if they want to dance to DANCE. It is sad that the community thinks it is only for GOR. I was accused in a pick in a profile of a person that doesn’t even know me and I quote “shame on you” Well I state tonight “shame on the narrow-minded people that think you have a thumb on DANCE” The only people that have that thumb are the ones that dance. I am tired of people being more interested in what something will give them, instead of what they can give to others. I dance because it is a way for me to express myself.  I teach to let others find that in themselves and feel good. But to be accused of teaching people to be liars and cheats? This person doesn’t know me nor did they take the time to get to know me or the time to see what their actions would cause.

You have no idea how much heart and soul goes into a dance and the growing pains one goes through to be able to entertain you and hope that you feel every feeling we go through. How much we want you to enjoy being in the sands with us. Instead you hear words of “stealing” “foul” and my favorite “you didn’t do it right” A lot of fuss has been stirred up in the last few days over an event and to think that it is to be sorted out between the “Free Men and Free Woman” of Gor. Talk about sitting up in the ivory tower.

This part of that notice I spoke of : The dancers. You are divided. Why? You should be sisters with a common bond.  stop the backstabbing and pettiness, the division. come together in the joy of dance.

Instead of calling people to task for their actions you wish to decide how we dance where we dance, when, and what we dance about. It is called ethics and even as dancers we should have them. This isn’t about GOR or empty sims or dancing in taverns. This is about an issue of a few thinking that their actions and comments wouldn’t be given a second thought. No one has the right to hurt another and it is time that we ban together to say enough is enough.

What all this fuss is about is about the event that was held on May 18th in the city of The Soaring Herlit in which two one current and one former of my students danced. What saddened me was that what happened after I left the sim. I was happy that my current student Flame placed second and was so proud of all her hard work. What saddened me was the former student Sage decided to call Flame a thief. The other point is that not only did Sage win the event but she now had to ruin a good dancer’s name by stating facts that were untrue to people that would listen and letting them take action in things they didn’t have all the facts of. Too make matters worse the dance that Sage did I had seen many times in the class I taught. I was hoping to see something new from her but was left with a dance I had seen many times. One in which the class had given her ideas on how to improve and help her. As I told her when she danced it there was a switch and then I would “see” Sage. She asked me to look at the dance and see what she could improve. I teach make it your own feel it I will give advise but in the end it is up to the dancer. I wish she would of done something fresh and new. Too me it was just another event in which she wanted to win and therefore cheat a crowd of people of a good dance. When one of my students pours her heart out and dances the last thing I would ever expect is “she stole my dance”. The only things that may have been the same in any way shape or form was they involved a dead Master and part of song and FYI Sage used two songs mixed together and Flame used one edited by My Master for her. The song was Love you for a thousand years. Sage had the singer and Flame was instrumental. That my friends is the ONLY thing I see the same the title of the song. We have many dances about death. I would say Sage struck out because Flame won but she didn’t so I can only see this as a way to damage a dancer coming up in the dance world.

What did impress me about all the events that followed were the outpour of support for the dancers and trust me many came from teachers and trust me when I say, we teach differently but the bottom line was this: We dance because we have a passion for it no one knows our hearts but ourselves. So really lets look at this for what it is. NOT about it being Gorean and only Gorean and keeping to Gor, what a waste. Police yourselves and remember people that we are all human and it is ok really it is to be happy for others. Don’t make it a mission to hurt others because you can and think it is ok. They do fight back and this is one of those times.


As a P.S: you all can thank my students for me learning to blog!