How to begin this one? Only one word says it all WOW!!

This was to be a bittersweet graduation for me, as not only did my advance students graduate but I also felt it was time to move on. Not once did I express to the students that the classes would be moved this day. After all it was about them and their time to shine, and shine they did!!. Another first for me was that this was the first time in all the classes that I got to enjoy the advanced dances right along with the crowd. Most times I already have seen them and know what is going to happen, this time all I knew was the name of their songs. I cried,smiled,was angry and just plain amazed.

I tell my students all the time, it is they that make this worth what I do in SL. So many times they don’t see the beauty that they have and to see it come out in dance makes me feel so very proud of them. I had four beginner’s (out of a class that started with nineteen) They stuck with it and became beautiful flowers. From Shellirene, SirLisbeth, Terrilian, and of course my Munchkin. Each one of them danced from their hearts and you could see it as they graced the sands. This class really dug deep inside themselves and trust me you missed one hell of a show.

This also was the first time that I had the advance students graduate along side the beginners. There is a joke in the classes there are the advanced and then there are the old farts. Smiling as I read this. My advanced that graduated were: Flame, wow what an awesome firebird she was able to display. As well show that as a woman we do live and learn and we grow, no matter what is put at our feet. She said she jumped around like a chicken but trust me no one saw it that way. Ms. Anna the memories that she stirred in me. The pure love one has for a parent. Azuri OMG this one. To see the levels she has grown going out there and exposing herself for you all to see. I cried and was smiling at the same time. Tivi again just wow, she had picked as one of her dances to “dance My World” She has no idea how she touched me and the tears that wouldn’t stop flowing with her display of my craft and my soul and my pain. Last but never least was our Sarah. Her freestyle, where to begin. When she walked out to the sands never would I of guessed she was going to show her real world. The crowd went silent when she produced a wheelchair. I am not too sure about this but I do know one thing. Only the students that are close to her and myself knew this was about her real life. The impact of her dance was something I wish the world could see. Each of my students are unique and very special. Each has hurdles in their real life and let me tell you, they don’t want your pity. They do want you to understand they are human with feelings. When she danced that freestyle she has no idea how she touched each one of us, and how each one of us were in the shadows watching and thinking of the strength it took to display that.

The advanced also danced two dances and I told them they could pick two of three that were assigned for the course. One thing that never escapes a teacher is the rumors that go around. It is rumored that I don’t teach true Gorean Dance. On this I say “want to bet?” The women did freestyle,My world and Gorean and from where I was standing not one of the Gorean dances came under reticule. In fact they were received very very well. Was I sitting here busting with pride you had better believe it! This was given to me by my former Master when I sat one night wondering if in fact I don’t teach Gorean Dance:

“There is no standardization, or little standardization, for better or for worse, in Gorean slave dance. Not only can the dances differ from city to city, from town to town, and even from tavern to tavern, but they are likely to differ, too, from girl to girl. This is because each girl, in her own way, brings the nature of her own body, her own dispositions, her own sensuality and needs, her own personality, to the dance. For the woman, slave dance is a uniquely personal and creative art form. Too, of course, it provides her with a wondrous modality for deeply intimate self expression.”
Guardsman of Gor, page 260

Once I read that I was very sure of what I teach. I teach passion,heart,needs,sensuality and above all else a woman’s desire to be herself. So to all my students you have done your teacher very very proud.

The last dance of the night was our group dance. I have never had so much fun in doing. My granddaughter has to take the credit for it it was “ROAR’ by Katie Perry. She was singing to it one day and I began to tap my foot. Asked the song and she told me. From there the idea formed to have all my students dance with me. Emily (granddaughter’s name or Puss as the students have come to know her by) sat with me one night on my build pad and was laughing singing and smiling ear to ear when she saw some of her favorite ladies there. Her Ms. Flame, Ms. Tivi, and Ms. Sarah. As they talked to her we began to put the dance together. What ended up to be a crowd stopping wooting join in from all that attended the graduation. The Icing on the cake was Tivi was able to get it taped for us. The end is didicated to Emily. The ladies have no idea how she danced around the room singing and smiling ear to ear saying “Oma they did that for me?”

So as I bring this post to a close, for all that read. Remember this: it isn’t the things in life that cost money that make people love you but the little things that come from the heart that leave the impression of your soul on others. To my students “LET ME HEAR YOUR ROAR!!!” Here is the awesome link if you don’t believe me:

To all my students past and present. Once again you have left your imprint on my heart