What is great about living in the US of A is that we have the first amendment, in that we have the freedom of speech and have the right to speak our minds and write what is on our minds. It is also the right to respond to what is written about us.

First and foremost I wish to tell my students that as a teacher, I am truly sorry that they have been put through all this drama. I have done a lot of soul searching before placing this in my blog along with any decision I make re guarding my classes. This past weekend everything came to a head, and instead of working on the music for your graduation, time had to be spent addressing drama, that as a teacher I thought was long gone and had been worked out.

I had one of the teachers post a notice in the group for the Monday class. Once this was done I did a lot of soul searching again and decided my next course of action. I am not a person to sit in a class and say to them all “I have been told etc. but I can’t give names.” This time it was overdue to place everything on the table. I was informed that “more than one of my students wanted to tell me to shove my classes up my ass” and yes that is a quote.

I could take the post on Shel’s Blog and go line for line and explain all but what is the point. Shell you will only see what you want to see. I will address a few of them as they are about the class, your RP no, class issues yes. Yes I had Tivi send out the notice and yes both Flame and her do so when I ask them too. FYI it is one of their duties as a co-owner.

The way you portray it, I don’t care. I was hardly there and where is the respect there? Really Shell. At least you all got a notice. I will not go into all my health issues, the many times I was drugged up and had to drag myself to the PC for a class because I felt I was letting you all down, but if you want to feel you want to attack that is fine. You failed to mention that I did sit down with you when you were “upset” about what Flame said to you and I also spent the day explaining to you just as Flame did that she was trying to help you NOT cut you down. You took the comments apart and only used what YOU thought YOU heard.

You came to me one time and one time only about help. I did say I would be on sometime that week and we could talk. NO I didn’t show because I was very ill to the point, (I will not go into details here) but it was impossible for me to get out of my bed. When I finally was able to make it to the PC I DID im you and say I was sorry but I was just too sick. Your response was no worries.

You also stated about numbers, this is a joke Shell as if I ever cared about numbers some of my classes would have been gone long ago. I don’t do the classes for numbers, I do the classes because I used to enjoy them. PERIOD. Yes they start out large and the go down in size. That has nothing to do with me, it has to do with when they find out they have to work they want no part of it. No one drives them off. The classes are work.

Now as far as your RP goes here is where I draw a line. What does that have to do with dance class? You said it, in fact I state that your RP has no room in my class but yet when I asked everyone about a fellow students outfit and called on you, you lashed out at her and it was because of your personal issues with her NOT the dance class. That night I called you on that very issue. Said it will not happen again to leave personal issues at the door. If it happened again I would remove you. As you found out Monday night there was no VOTE done and I never begged anyone to vote you out. I NEVER assign beginners to be over anyone.

Yes this was all brought out on Monday April 7th 2014 class. The reason because the class had become unpleasant to be in for myself and your fellow students, and because it didn’t seem to matter what I tried to tell you it didn’t get through. Your the one that wanted to mix RP with dance class. You list of concerns were addressed as well as I opened the floor to let each and everyone of you to speak your mind. You stated that more than one wanted to tell me to shove it. This was the time to air it all and if that was the case I could finish up this class and move forward without any hard feelings.

Now about me “hiding my classes” I have NEVER hidden my classes. I have NEVER been kicked out of anywhere. You will believe what you want but this post is about facts. So dear readers here are the following. When asked to teach my classes somewhere I have 3 conditions 1. voice as I type all day at my real life job I need to give my hands a break and because as many people that know me can tell you. My text comes across as I am a bitch. 2. That my students can come dressed the way they want as long as their bits and bobs are covered. As the class is OOC. 3. That I have access to a stream when I have my classes. Again Shel you will believe what you want to believe but as I will continue to state in this post, this is about facts. I have moved my classes due to one of those conditions not being met. My conditions are set because of the students.

Shel you state no one to include myself answered your questions or email etc. Fact anytime you had a question in class I stopped and let you ask and we answered for you. Now most time you didn’t like the answers and I would state “does that answer your question?” You would state “yes”. You also state you went to Tivi and Flame and they never answered your questions. I have also stated that both have other responsibilities in SL and in fact Tivi has an answering machine that she checks. All of this you state is because they don’t like you. Here is some facts for you Shel. I haven’t “liked” a few of my students on a personal level but never once have I let that effect how I teach them. Personal issues stay outside the class.

You also state that you spend endless hours on writing dances, making props, getting costumes, animations. Fact I require you NOT to buy anything any huds,animations, costumes or props are your own doing. Fact in the beginning I flat out TELL you NOT to buy anything. Another fact this class is doing a group dance for graduation, when told you would all need the same outfit and the one animation, I asked who needed help with the funds to get. Fact I gave money to any that couldn’t afford or needed. Fact I gave you the money for both. Here is another fact about “buying” I state the following there is no need for a prop for a dance because “YOUR ARE THE BEST PROP”. To have a prop is a bonus BUT is never required.

The advanced class has a lot of work to include for their graduation they are to do three styles of dance. 1. A freestyle (where anything goes)
2.A gorean dance ( as I teach the different dances and styles)
3.My World ( this isn’t about me it is about how they listen and their take on my world. As I state in class if you can dance someone else’s world and pull it off you have Mastered the hardest thing in dance)
Upon doing these dances in front of a crowd THEN AND ONLY THEN have they completed the course.

Now the comment about Reine not having her dances done for graduation. Graduation is April 27th and until that date she has all the time she wants. Fact is, it isn’t your business what is and not done by other students, the only person you had to worry about was yourself. What Reine puts in her dance isn’t your concern but hers. You lashed out at her and you also state she was the one that said all these things about the group. Fact, when asked Reine owned up to what SHE did say. Fact, you refused to hear her. Another fact you included her in your list of my so called “girls”. Also you included Sarah (which most of the class knows she stepped away from the classes. Mainly in part Sarah doesn’t take part in drama and when it starts to effect her, she has every right to do what is best for her) Fact, Reine is an advanced student not a co-owner of the group nor a teacher. You also included Dani’s name but when faced with your list in class and Dani was asked she answered and again you didn’t hear nor did you read what she said.

Fact I have NEVER berated nor do I make students feel bad. I am there to teach and make you better. If a dance needs works it needs work, it has nothing to do with a personal feeling. If I find something I don’t like in your dance, I could simply tell you that it sucks and to start the whole thing over, in front of you and the whole class… instead, I like to be tactful and keep your feelings in mind. I ALSO try hard to find something I like, to let you know where your strengths are.

Fact in my class you are graded in many areas NOT just dance. If I tell you in advance what you are going to be graded on besides dance you all would get A’s because you have foreknowledge. The fact that your graded on behavior says a lot about the person as the core meaning of this class and group is “passion and the overwhelming feeling of wanting to pay it forward” The following areas are what you were also graded on:
Overall Course Grade:

— Class Attendance Grade:
— Classroom Behavior Grade:
— Classroom Assignments Grade:

— First Teacher’s Choice Grade:

— Wordless Teacher’s Choice Grade:

— First Mistress’s Choice Grade:
— Second Master’s Choice Grade:
— Third Master’s Choice Grade:

Each area is graded to include the final Group dance and the dances for graduation
—Group Dance Grade (5 points)
— Following Directions (1 point)
—Camaraderie (1 point)
— Staying on Task (1 point)
—General Participation (1 point)
—Working “For the Good of the Group” (1 point)

Now for what you see as hurtful words. Fact Tivi stuck to what you presented her with. Fact if you approach a person with a question do so. A statement opening a person’s im box of “Is there a reason you unfriended me?” This will always put a person receiving it in a defensive mode. You also state you only wanted to ask about the prop. When in fact that is what you should of done instead of the statement you made. It is called approaching people the way you want to be approached.

Now for a few clear facts.

1.My class is free
2.I make no one attend that doesn’t WANT to be there.
3.I give out free items to help them along the way and to SEE if this is something they WANT to do.
4.I have co-owners for the group. They have been through all the classes and I trust their judgment when it comes to other areas of the group. Which I might add here the students haven’t a clue as to the work they do behind the scenes. They have known me for years in SL and RL, and have proven they can handle the jobs I give them as well as make sure no one is being overlooked.
5.This go round I became very sick. I had to cancel classes here and there. I DID feel very bad about each one that had to be canceled.
6.I have given my real life email to everyone and until this last asking for music, I still couldn’t receive email from two of my students, which I told them about and asked to resend. Finally the emails came and I also informed them I had received them. This is fact. Once I receive an email from a student I add them to my contacts so that they no longer go to spam. Yes I even check my spam.
7.No, the co-owners don’t teach the class because to be frank “they don’t want to teach it” Tivi’s response is “I don’t teach my teacher teaches” Flames “I will do anything you ask just don’t ask me to teach” Co-owners have many jobs to include sending out notices. That is just one of the tasks they have. Being a co-owner comes with a lot of responsibly. I also feel whom and what I assign to the co-owners is my business NOT the students.
8.Whom I spend my online time with is my business and I am not sorry about that. The classes were on Monday and Tuesdays. That does not mean I spend the entire time in the class, only the hours it is set for.
9.When I am online there is nothing preventing you from iming me. I have always answered all ims.
10.I am not a mind reader nor do I say things I don’t mean. I expect to be respected as I try my best to respect all of you.

In closing I am putting this to bed. Again I will say I am sorry to the students that I tried to hold out that this was a passing thing and that egos would calm down. But drama ruins so much and really uncalled for when talking to the teacher would of solved so much. In this Shel you gave me no credit and just pointed fingers. That is the biggest disrespect anyone can show another person.

I will continue to watch over the students but upon graduation I am leaving SL. I don’t understand why in a program so many feel it can be a free for all. No one has run me off I am just tired of trying to be honest and real and most are only in it to game. Remember this dear readers SL is a program NOT a game. It is a social chat room acting like an adult and considering others before you speak is not only the right thing to do but the respectful thing to do.

For all my students past and present when I say the following and it comes from my heart. Never stop dancing, I will always be there that nagging voice in the back of your head saying “breathe you got this”. I have enjoyed each of you that came to the classes to learn and enrich my life. For that I can’t thank you enough. I always tell you these classes are about you and finding the real YOU. Thank you for sharing YOU with me.