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it seems now this topic of class is geting flashed over web pages just to dirty my name once again and prove Rya and Flame and Tivi correct, well lets put this to rest shall we, you be the judge of it all. my reasons for bringing this up to Tivi are after she had told me this

A note here THIS is NOT were the conversation started. I am also adding here that you have left out all your side of what you were saying to Tivi. Selective Posting?

[2014/04/05 18:24] Tiviyah Resident: Do you REALIZE how close you were to failing the class because of your attitude alone?
[2014/04/05 18:24] Tiviyah Resident: I don’t quite think you do.

[2014/04/05 18:24] Tiviyah Resident: None of us wanted to work with you.
[2014/04/05 18:24] Tiviyah Resident: In fact, we were pushing the graduation because so many of us, teahcers and students, are sick of dealing with your drama.
[2014/04/05 18:25] Tiviyah Resident: When we were planning to have another course, the intensive course, YOU are the reason we added the note about drama of any kind will cause you to be removed from that course.
[2014/04/05 18:26] Tiviyah Resident: YOU want to make your bed by being a princess? That’s fine, that’s your right. However, when you’re disliked for your attitude, please don’t come to class whining about “They didn’t clap for me.” Put your big girl panties on and deal with it.
[2014/04/05 18:26] Tiviyah Resident: I don’t think you understand. You do this to yourself.
[2014/04/05 18:27] Tiviyah Resident: You were a colossal bitch during your advanced class. Do you understand that?
[2014/04/05 18:27] Tiviyah Resident: You treated your teachers with disrespect BEFORE any of us “went off” on you.
[2014/04/05 18:27] Tiviyah Resident: You disrespected Rya.
[2014/04/05 18:27] Tiviyah Resident: Which is WHY we went off on you, because we’re very protective of her.
[2014/04/05 18:27] Tiviyah Resident: You don’t respect the classes or what anyone is trying to teach you.
[2014/04/05 18:28] Tiviyah Resident: You’ve been nothing but a selfish, egotistical brat the entire time. You started to show growth towards the end and even Flame and I had to say, “Wow. You know, I think she’s growing.”
[2014/04/05 18:28] Tiviyah Resident: But then to bring up this b.s. in my box again? For real? No. Just no. Not going to fly.
[2014/04/05 18:31] Tiviyah Resident: You’ve not once taken into consideration how any of your actions affect other people. When you pitched your drama fit in the first place and wrote your half-assed apology… you completely disrespected Rya and what she was trying to TEACH you about communication. Instead, you made it about YOU and your own SELFISH attitude.
[2014/04/05 18:35] Tiviyah Resident: Communication is the key.
[2014/04/05 18:36] Tiviyah Resident: However, allow me to make something very clear for you.
[2014/04/05 18:36] Tiviyah Resident: Something that is NOT “through the grapevine.”
[2014/04/05 18:36] Tiviyah Resident: YOU. YOU are the reason that these classes are not continuing.
[2014/04/05 18:36] Tiviyah Resident: Rya is sick… sicker than most of you know.
[2014/04/05 18:36] Tiviyah Resident: And she is under orders to not stress herself out so much.
[2014/04/05 18:37] Tiviyah Resident: And these classes have become nothing but stress for her, ever since YOU showed up and started your drama.
[2014/04/05 18:37] Tiviyah Resident: She doesn’t even want to log IN to SL.
[2014/04/05 18:37] Tiviyah Resident: She has no motivation to do work she normally LOVES doing. And all she says is that, “I just can’t wait for this graduation to be over.”
[2014/04/05 18:38] Tiviyah Resident: However, the discontinuation of the classes after this class is largely inspired by your massive pile of b.s.

now i ask you Rya is it  or is it not stated here that im the reson your sicker?  i think tivi remarks answer that  dont you think. and you want respect from me  after i get that from tivi.
[2014/04/05 19:52] Tiviyah Resident: Rya is being given a copy of this conversation in full.
its nice to know i was never asked if copys can be given out that your girls can just take it apon giving out copys willy nilly isent it Rya,  now shall we move on to flame

 I might add that once again your are READING into a statement something that is not there. It was never stated that YOU are making me sick, but the drama you created was making it worse. I also fail to see what the conversation between you and Tivi has to do with your RESPECTING me or not respecting me?

i might add Flame contacted me not me contact her after she told me when i asked a question in group chat that all i did was  wine and complain, i then closed the chat window and insted of leaving it be, flame contacted me and this is what came of it
 Fact on the above statement about Flame, and I am adding Flame contacted you to say she was sorry in the conversation below. This was in response to the group chat.

[2013/11/17 13:33] Flame (scarletfleur): sorry hun…I was just yanking your leg
[2013/11/17 13:37] ɐ (shellirene): well it was not very funny
[2013/11/17 13:38] ɐ (shellirene): ive not asked any of you for help except when i showed you the dance moves
[2013/11/17 13:38] Flame (scarletfleur): I apologize. You can show it when rya returns if that is what you want.
[2013/11/17 13:39] ɐ (shellirene): and to be honest after what you said im not sure ill even do it now
[2013/11/17 13:39] Flame (scarletfleur): what I said?
[2013/11/17 13:40] Flame (scarletfleur): the pest? I said I was just teasing
[2013/11/17 13:40] ɐ (shellirene): how you said cut out the first part of the song cos it bored you and how my anamaitons dident mach
[2013/11/17 13:40] ɐ (shellirene): match
[2013/11/17 13:40] ɐ (shellirene): really left me feeling good about the whole thing
[2013/11/17 13:41] Flame (scarletfleur): I am sorry, it was the truth…you want to dance a dance that is lousy or good? Rya has looked at mine and critisized them and I dont sulk, I go back and rethink them.
[2013/11/17 13:43] Flame (scarletfleur): If you dont want any critisim never show your dance to anybody, when you get tired of wondering why no one likes them then maybe you will be ready to let others help by giving their opinions, you might not like them and they are just that, their opinions but you need to listen, look and decide.
[2013/11/17 13:45] ɐ (shellirene): oh i see so it sucked
[2013/11/17 13:45] ɐ (shellirene): ok ty
[2013/11/17 13:45] ɐ (shellirene): im closeing this window
[2013/11/17 13:45] Flame (scarletfleur): If you want to pout and feel sorry for yourself thats fine. I told you the parts I liked and the parts I didnt
[2013/11/17 13:45] ɐ (shellirene): i think you said enough on my dance to last me an intire year
[2013/11/17 13:45] Flame (scarletfleur): whatever
[2013/11/17 13:46] Flame (scarletfleur): your interrupting my RP

Here is the COMPLET group chat for that day:
[2013/11/17 13:13] Terrilian Belar: Flame are you around please? i have a question about class.
[2013/11/17 13:15] ScarletFleur: yes
[2013/11/17 13:16] Terrilian Belar: is there anyway we can get the quotes/definations/ homework for time class has been out so we can work on it solo?
[2013/11/17 13:17] ScarletFleur: No, I chcecked ryas avi and her filing system is her own…laughs
[2013/11/17 13:17] ScarletFleur: I couldnt find the stuff…
[2013/11/17 13:18] ScarletFleur: laughs
[2013/11/17 13:18] ScarletFleur: just kick back till after turkey day
[2013/11/17 13:18] Terrilian Belar: ok thanks i thought i would ask
[2013/11/17 13:19] ScarletFleur: no problem, have a good holiday and get ready to dance it off!
[2013/11/17 13:20] Terrilian Belar: is she going to add time at the end to make up for the missed classes or is the 12 weeks engraved in stone 0.o
[2013/11/17 13:20] ScarletFleur: I imagine she will add time…she is responsive to the students needs.
[2013/11/17 13:20] Terrilian Belar: i only have one dance done eep!
[2013/11/17 13:21] Terrilian Belar: ok thanks Flame
[2013/11/17 13:21] ScarletFleur: She wont expect you to know what she hasnt taught ya yet
[2013/11/17 13:21] Terrilian Belar: whew!
[2013/11/17 13:22] Terrilian Belar: ok that works
[2013/11/17 13:22] ScarletFleur: relax…kick back….go hit the pit and dance for the pleasure of it
[2013/11/17 13:22] tuka Katana: remember, she teaches because she loves it – not looking for anyone to fail *smiles
[2013/11/17 13:23] ScarletFleur: yep yep yep
[2013/11/17 13:23] ScarletFleur: you only fail if you dont try
[2013/11/17 13:23] Terrilian Belar: yep ok cool cause i don’t want to miss anything
[2013/11/17 13:24] ScarletFleur: you wont

[2013/11/17 13:26] Shellirene: hmmm
[2013/11/17 13:26] ScarletFleur: nor you pest
[2013/11/17 13:27] Shellirene: pest?
[2013/11/17 13:27] Shellirene: i dident think i was a pest
[2013/11/17 13:27] Shellirene: ive not asked any one really for anything
[2013/11/17 13:27] Shellirene: how am i a pest
[2013/11/17 13:28] ScarletFleur: I was teasing you shell
[2013/11/17 13:29] AnnabelleDeanne: quick question, how many classes have the beginners had so far?
[2013/11/17 13:29] ScarletFleur: sarah? You know???
[2013/11/17 13:31] AnnabelleDeanne: one more question, how many of you use the barr hud?
[2013/11/17 13:31] Terrilian Belar: two
[2013/11/17 13:31] ScarletFleur: me
[2013/11/17 13:31] Terrilian Belar: i do
[2013/11/17 13:32] AnnabelleDeanne: smiles, i need a good guinea pig any volunteers?
[2013/11/17 13:33] Terrilian Belar: Miss Anna thank you so much one of my dances is done for this class
[2013/11/17 13:33] Terrilian Belar: you help on the barre hud command last class was a life saver
[2013/11/17 13:33] Terrilian Belar: your*
[2013/11/17 13:34] AnnabelleDeanne: smiles you are so welcome reine
[2013/11/17 13:36] AnnabelleDeanne: so you want to be my guinea pig reine?
[2013/11/17 13:37] Terrilian Belar: sure that works but i need to walk to the store and get dinner right now
[2013/11/17 13:37] Terrilian Belar: is there a time i can show you?
[2013/11/17 13:37] AnnabelleDeanne: do not need you right this second absolutely
[2013/11/17 13:37] AnnabelleDeanne: love to see it any time
[2013/11/17 13:37] Terrilian Belar: cool

and i might add she had NOT seen the dance emotes. and as you see she used the word lousey. very nice isent it comeing from one of your girls to a student hey Rya, so dont you tell me she never said lousey because she did, and after that i never did bother to message her. it was 6 days before Tivi said  the  horried things, to me that Flame removed me as a friend, not i remove her. but as you have said Flame forgets things and needs to be reminded. now for sarah


By the time this ended it is clear Flame was done, she said she was sorry for hurting your feelings. Once again see what you want to see. Here we go again that one word of the ENTIRE conversation and YOU fixate on it.

[2013/12/15 20:53] ɐ (shellirene): sarah
[2013/12/15 20:54] Sarah Elisabeth Brenham (sarahelisebeth.brenham): yes
[2013/12/15 20:54] ɐ (shellirene): can i ask you some thing
[2013/12/15 20:55] Sarah Elisabeth Brenham (sarahelisebeth.brenham): sure
[2013/12/15 20:55] ɐ (shellirene): i dont know if i should turn up on tuesday or not
[2013/12/15 20:55] Sarah Elisabeth Brenham (sarahelisebeth.brenham): it’s your call
[2013/12/15 20:57] ɐ (shellirene): ok then
[2013/12/15 20:58] Sarah Elisabeth Brenham (sarahelisebeth.brenham): but know that if you don’t show, you’ll probably be kicked out of the classes
[2013/12/15 20:59] ɐ (shellirene): i was not refuring to just 1 class i was refuring to all
[2013/12/15 20:59] Sarah Elisabeth Brenham (sarahelisebeth.brenham): it’s up to you
[2013/12/15 21:00] Sarah Elisabeth Brenham (sarahelisebeth.brenham): i can’t decide for ya
[2013/12/15 21:01] ɐ (shellirene): well i dont think ill be mised by not being there as i feel none of yu want me there any way
[2013/12/15 21:01] ɐ (shellirene): so ill think on it over night
[2013/12/15 21:03] Sarah Elisabeth Brenham (sarahelisebeth.brenham): please don’t include me in that. i’ve already graduated
[2013/12/15 21:06] Sarah Elisabeth Brenham (sarahelisebeth.brenham): classes should taken for the desire to want to learn its topic, not for the people
[2013/12/15 21:06] ɐ (shellirene): true but you need people in order to dance
[2013/12/15 21:07] ɐ (shellirene): and the sholl i was lead to beleave to be as if 1 large family
[2013/12/15 21:07] ɐ (shellirene): people that stood bye each other
[2013/12/15 21:08] Sarah Elisabeth Brenham (sarahelisebeth.brenham): you knew the rules of the class
[2013/12/15 21:08] ɐ (shellirene): yes must attend each one bit rl comes first
[2013/12/15 21:08] ɐ (shellirene): if i do call
[2013/12/15 21:08] ɐ (shellirene): re call
[2013/12/15 21:09] Sarah Elisabeth Brenham (sarahelisebeth.brenham): yes but unless it’s a emergency, you notify rya if you can’t make it
[2013/12/15 21:10] ɐ (shellirene): and do you know what i was doing last week
[2013/12/15 21:10] Sarah Elisabeth Brenham (sarahelisebeth.brenham): no
[2013/12/15 21:10] ɐ (shellirene): id had maybe 2 if not 3 hours sleep totaly due to my daughter was sick all that niht
[2013/12/15 21:10] ɐ (shellirene): so 1 i was tired as hell
[2013/12/15 21:11] ɐ (shellirene): 2ndly
[2013/12/15 21:11] ɐ (shellirene): i was out from early morning till after 9pm in the cold wind and rain at my rl work
[2013/12/15 21:11] ɐ (shellirene): i was working
[2013/12/15 21:12] ɐ (shellirene): now by the time i rembered the class i was already at work
[2013/12/15 21:12] Sarah Elisabeth Brenham (sarahelisebeth.brenham): i’m sorry to hear that, but you need to explain that to rya
[2013/12/15 21:12] ɐ (shellirene): so no i did not rush home to get on a computer
[2013/12/15 21:13] ɐ (shellirene): it was 1 class in what way back when you were doing your beginners that i had missed
[2013/12/15 21:13] ɐ (shellirene): 1 class
[2013/12/15 21:13] Sarah Elisabeth Brenham (sarahelisebeth.brenham): it’s not up to me
[2013/12/15 21:14] ɐ (shellirene): now on the other hand i recall people not turning up due to going to concerts
[2013/12/15 21:14] ɐ (shellirene): and not leting rya know
[2013/12/15 21:14] ɐ (shellirene): and other things
[2013/12/15 21:15] ɐ (shellirene): they did not get treated like they went in and guned you all downn
[2013/12/15 21:15] Sarah Elisabeth Brenham (sarahelisebeth.brenham): again it’s not up to me
[2013/12/15 21:15] ɐ (shellirene): yet i go to work and i am
[2013/12/15 21:15] Sarah Elisabeth Brenham (sarahelisebeth.brenham): take it up with rya
[2013/12/15 21:16] ɐ (shellirene): i did her 200 word essay
[2013/12/15 21:16] ɐ (shellirene): she knows
[2013/12/15 21:16] Sarah Elisabeth Brenham (sarahelisebeth.brenham): okay

Ok I don’t see the issue you had with Sarah. Sarah TOLD you to come to me. You brought up to her about the assignment again YOU didn’t talk to me. Sarah is one of the nicest people I know and she was TELLING YOU to bring it to me. Here I don’t understand why she was muted. It makes no sense.

then i get a im from tivi

 Yes because you wouldn’t let it drop and Sarah wasn’t wanting to deal with it. Sarah and Tivi are close even more so than Flame and myself with Sarah.

[2013/12/15 21:43] Tivi Spiritor (tiviyah): Look, I’m sorry that your delicate sensitivities are offended by Rya calling you out, but the fact of the matter is that it takes all of 60 seconds to open Rya’s box and say, “Shit. I got called in to work. Won’t be there.” And you know what… even after the fact… you may not have appreciated the notice calling you out, but it still wouldn’t take an adult 30 seconds to be like, “Look, I don’t appreciate the notice, but here is what I was doing.” Rya would’ve said, “Ok, thank you for letting me know. You don’t have to do the assignment as you had RL.” But instead, you chose to take your most popular route and play the victim, boo-hoo’ing the drama queen act, and making most of us just sick of the bullshit. So be childish or be an adult. Your decision. Come to classes or don’t come to classes. Your decision. But you owe it to Rya to let her know either way. In a RESPECTFUL manner, because she is first and foremost your TEACHER and a fellow ADULT. Further drama that is traced back to you as the
[2013/12/15 21:43] Tivi Spiritor (tiviyah): source will not be tolerated.
[2013/12/15 21:45] ɐ (shellirene): and who the fuck do you think you are talking to
[2013/12/15 21:46] ɐ (shellirene): why dont you look in the god dam fucking mirror as to haveing respect for a person
[2013/12/16 01:27] Second Life: You have blocked this Resident. Sending a message will automatically unblock them.
 Shakes head. Here I don’t see Tivi cussing at you. You were not leaving Sarah alone. When she states to come to me. Sarah was stressing and so she turned to Tivi period.
so i message sarah back

[2013/12/15 22:08] ɐ (shellirene): and please dont tell the other girls so they im me nd abuse me
[2013/12/15 22:08] ɐ (shellirene): ive already muted tvi for it
[2013/12/15 22:08] ɐ (shellirene): nice to know i tell yu some thing and yu tell tivi and i get aused of all kinds of things and insulted
[2013/12/15 22:09] Sarah Elisabeth Brenham (sarahelisebeth.brenham): then don’t abuse me
[2013/12/15 22:11] ɐ (shellirene): i was asking you a question not abuseing you
[2013/12/15 22:11] ɐ (shellirene): i did not once swear at you
[2013/12/15 22:12] ɐ (shellirene): or call you names
[2013/12/15 22:12] Sarah Elisabeth Brenham (sarahelisebeth.brenham): you were bitching to me
[2013/12/15 22:12] ɐ (shellirene): or say things to yu that tivi said to me
[2013/12/15 22:12] ɐ (shellirene): you know what sarah thats fine ill mut you to and remove yu from my list since im so bad
[2013/12/15 22:13] ɐ (shellirene): good bye
[2013/12/16 01:36] Second Life: You have blocked this Resident. Sending a message will automatically unblock them.

 You clearly state you did the muting this night.

it was on this night i muted sarah, Tivi and Flame. i felt id had enough of there bs and did not wish to recive any more. now this was just a small amount of  what i recived over the months. as i say if it ws not for Tivi and her remarks id not of said any thing at all. and i do not care if you beleave me or not but the remark to Tivi of why she removed me as friend was ment for some one else, there is  times were you post in wrong windows you dont always follow up with a ” oh wrong window”  and for tivi to go and tell me
This run one sentence was quoted word for word in the class on Monday April 7th. Enough said on that one.
[2014/04/05 18:20] Tiviyah Resident: (Saved Sat Apr 05 18:20:51 2014)If you’ll remember correctly, *you* unfriended *me* when you muted your teachers and were pitching your drama fit awhile back.
[2014/04/05 18:22] Never Fear ﮎℋεℒℒ Is Here (shellirene): yes when you bitched me out first i muted and unfriended you. and you have not helpt me nor offered teach me i only hear from you in class but i un muted you cos rya asked me to
[2014/04/05 18:23] Never Fear ﮎℋεℒℒ Is Here (shellirene): but the main reason i was contacting you was to fnd out about the prims with the props
[2014/04/05 18:23] Never Fear ﮎℋεℒℒ Is Here (shellirene): but i worked that out
[2014/04/05 18:23] Tiviyah Resident: Yes, because a student doesn’t mute her teachers.
[2014/04/05 18:24] Tiviyah Resident: And no dear, I’m not stupid. You contacted me in the way you did to start more drama. You just happened to need a question answered in the process.
[2014/04/05 18:24] Never Fear ﮎℋεℒℒ Is Here (shellirene): and a teacher does not go off on a person like you did to me

and if i rember corectly Rya when the props were being spoken of  the week or so before hand in class Tivi said to leave it with her that she would ask about the prim count, i had also sent her a im before this one that she went off at me in that brought up all of this but as always Tivi never replyed to it.  it must run in the school because you yourself dont reply to my messages or my emails or my skype before you removed me off it, or my note cards, as id sent you a couple while doing the beginners to ask youquestions you  never answered. thinking too would answer a note card but no you never did. and if i recall when we were doing the beginners you always said you check your emails daily and you always get them, and that your emails were the safest and best way to get word to you un like sl as you were not always on line to respond right away but since you look and check your emails then that was the best way to contact you. odd you got every one elses but mine isent it Rya, now i do  state very strongly you said it yourself i had passed and was to graduate as my danceing was to good not to. you then turn around and say im not going to graduate due to i cant let go of the past. thats not a good enough reson to with hold a graduation  reguarding a danceing course from some one thats worked hard and spent time and monney  in to to finish. my past has nothing to do with dance, and if you refuse to allow me to dance fine i know i never failed it, but you need to do the correct thing and at lest give me my graduation certifacate. send it though to my email you know what it is as you recived all my music for the graduation. eather way you owe me that much since i passed on my dance skill alone. but are you  women and big enough to do that? are you that much of a teacher you will do that? no i dont think you are, i dont think ill ever see it. because your not that type to give out some thing i earned, and passed.   now for every one thats read this you be the judge. as i say this is only some of it not all of it. am i wrong for standing up for myself? no i dont think i am. would you allow yourself to be spoken to in the manner i was and you stay silent? no i dont think you would if you could your a much better person than i am. because i could not.
The first part of this states Tivi said leave it to her. Fact Sydney works there and stated she would find out. The part about emails. Facepalms Shell how many times did I tell you I didn’t get it to please resend this went as well to Iris. Good grief woman please if your going to speak for me get it RIGHT.
The correct thing would have been to tell you to leave long ago, but you see here is a big difference between you and I. I give people a second chance and in hoping maybe explaining it another way will help. This time I was very wrong.

I owe you nothing because you failed the group dance area and therefore brought you C to a D. I state again your FINAL IS the graduation.

There is nothing wrong in speaking up as long as you let others finish what they are saying and do it with respect and a calm voice. None of which you do.

I NEVER had your skype as far as removing a person from my SKYPE you have to be on it first. Should I have all the people that are on my SKYPE tell you such. Please Shell what is your problem? You are still not seeing the whole picture, you ARE in FACT taking sentences apart and using pieces.
I am a bigger woman than you. Want to know why? When I addressed the issues I did it with respect and I never did name calling or belittle another. I am an adult and being such means you have to act like one.

For the last time let me make this perfectly clear I NEVER TOLD YOU TO SPENT MONEY.
You passed to go on to graduation THAT IS YOUR FINAL.

The part about Flame, Shell you do have a chip on your shoulder big time. She said she was sorry for hurting your feelings but again Shell you refused to hear it. IN FACT I see it twice in that conversation.


[2013/11/17 13:38] Flame (scarletfleur): I apologize. You can show it when rya returns if that is what you want.

[2013/11/17 13:41] Flame (scarletfleur): I am sorry, it was the truth…you want to dance a dance that is lousy or good?

This one is good she used the word lousy. Yes she did but again that is the only word you picked out of the sentence. Here is the complete sentences from your blog:

[2013/11/17 13:41] Flame (scarletfleur): I am sorry, it was the truth…you want to dance a dance that is lousy or good? Rya has looked at mine and critisized them and I dont sulk, I go back and rethink them.
[2013/11/17 13:43] Flame (scarletfleur): If you dont want any critisim never show your dance to anybody, when you get tired of wondering why no one likes them then maybe you will be ready to let others help by giving their opinions, you might not like them and they are just that, their opinions but you need to listen, look and decide.

You picked one word from two sentences and fixated on it.

THIS is what I was talking about you can’t or won’t let anything go. Fact you removed them all the same night. I know because I was in SKPYE with them all. Oh and before you think the call was about you it wasn’t it was about lessons, but again you will twist it to fit your needs.

I am going to post that so called apology now. Why? You may ask? let readers see it for what it really was. Yes you missed the class and yes you were called out in group. Now I am not going to correct the spelling because I may be accused of tampering with it so here it is the way I received it.

As i get home and finaly sit down at 9.27pm, i log in to see any off line messages and see the group notice, of an apolagy im ment to write to the intire class of why i was not there today, of no less than 200 words, yes i know i should of been at class after all its the 1st one ive ever missed, and shame on me hw dare i miss class but insted i decided to go to work, yes from 9.30 am i went to work and did not finish till 15 minets ago. so un careing of me to be at work and earn monney to feed my family and pay bills, insted of being at dance class, and yes its totaly my fult i made that desision, insted i should of just told my boss to shove her job up her ass and tell her im going on the internet insted, so for going to work im sorry to the intire class, for earning monney to live on im sorry to the intire class, for being up all night just about with a sick daughter throwing up and finialy after 3 hours of sleep after ive goten her settled so she is feeling better, im sorry for not stoping and droping every thing to get on and say why i was not able to be here for class, i should know better than to put myself first and my daughter rather than you all that waited in class. i sit here almost falling asleep but insted of going to bed i put my health and self last and you all 1st by staying up and writing this essay, as i wont have time to do it tomorrow as my whell fell off and im still behind in my work, or id still be out working till after midnight.. so once more please find it in your hearts to forgive a person for puting her rl job to suport her family first, insted of being on the internet, this wont happen again as i will tell my boss she and her job will just hve to wait as your all waiting for me in class, if i get fired well so be it, at lest you wont all be waitng for me in class. and if my daughter gets sick again and im almost dead and passed out from lack of sleep, welll ill put that off as well and just turn up. as no ones more in portent than you all and class. my rl can always be put on hold but you all cant, but its so reasureing to know others are excused when rl comes into it, yet im out bustingmy ass working in the wind and friking cold and the rain, trying to get monney to live on and put food in the house, yet i have to write a 200 word essay. and i do note strongly this is the very 1st time ive ever missed a class. so now you all know why i was not there, i was at work. now i dont know how many words are in this, im not even going to try and count them, if this seems to come across as being bitchy then so be it, im tired, my back is in pain ive had hardly any sleep, and i got to write this because i was at work. i was not on line avoiding any of you. i was off line for a reason RL nothing more and nothing less. now yo can post this well i wont say were you can post this, but you can put it on what ever you wish to put it on in or out of class. for every one in class nd every tom dick and harry to read. i bid you all a good night as i turn off my computer and fall into bed, to start work yet again to try and catch up what i could not finish and hope my boss is not to pissed about me un able to finih the job on time.

Now for the facts
1.You stated the night before “see you tomorrow night”
2.We waited 30 minutes to start class thinking you would come.
3.You state you were halfway to work and wasn’t going to come back to let me know.
4.RL comes first I understand
5.When you came back and saw the group message you did the assignment
6.If you would of come to me right away instead of being childish and writing that assignment you would of never had to of written it in the first place FACT that I had a talk with you about it. Way after it was posted to the class.

7.Instead of talking to me you went and started things with all the students in the class. If you don’t believe me you posted you and Sarah’s conversation where you go on about it.
8.Fact I gave you 3 weeks to approach me, when the drama was raising I made the decision to post it in front of the group to see, as I stated I would do in the beginning. I gave you 3 weeks to talk to me and you didn’t.
9.This is no apology this was a being rude and disrespectful in it’s highest form. You not only attacked me but the whole class.

One thing you will need to remember Shell is this, I am an adult I treat children the way they are suppose to be treated. Adults the same way. Putting this to bed?, please you just posted so we would see it and think you got the last word. Well aren’t you just one special snowflake.

Now for this post you put in your blog.

hey Flame why don’t you go grab yourself a chainsaw and shove it between your thighs and turn it on full. you could not even read out the correct note card, you tell free what to do, you feel your above even one else. you and tivi are the reason people kill themselves, from the massive bullying. and the funny thing is you cant fail me on my dancing skills only the fact you all claim I cant let go of the past, yet you bring up 3 different sims I was part of as a reason to make me look bad, you tell free that im that stupid I cant learn, or listen or respect in class, well have you seen my certifacats cunt. they call your ideas nothing but lies. can you show the same thing I have that you have done? no I bet you shut the fuck up cunt. but you never could take being told what to do very well could you bitch. and what a joke you a teacher??? hahaha fucking haha. I don’t recall once you steped in to teach us when rya said no class due to she would not be on. fucking jokes on you and tivi and rya. cos you all do jack shit nothing but put people down and your all well known for it to. oh and one other thing to reine never went to rya to learn to dance she only went there to learn how to use a hud. and guess what you guys never tought her what she went to you for she went to some one else to learn, so the jokes again on all of you. of corse reine wont admt to what she told me when she said rya even begged her to vote me out. cos reine knows she to will be kicked out and un able to graduate for her certifact. which infact you lot owe me mine since you never allowed me to get it for my dancing only for not letting go of the past, when that has nothing to do with the school of dance or my abilty, and since I have it in writing you had no choice but to pass me as my dancing skills had improved so much, you cant now say I don’t get it for the reason of not letting the past go when it was YOU that brought up 3 past sims and other stuff to make me look bad. I noticed you all avoided the voting issue and the rest of what tivi told me, only brought up what you wanted to be totly looked apon and acted on. and if yo think ill waiste my time to go look at your blog you got hot rocks not only in your fucked up head but up your cunt to.

This is the part I don’t understand why in all the reasons to state something THIS had anything to do with the Passionate Heart of Dance. All this shows to me is what issues you may very well have going on in your life.
Narcissism is the pursuit of gratification from vanity, or egotistic admiration of one’s own physical or mental attributes, that derive from arrogant pride. Now that statement I can understand and seems to fit this whole set of conversation as well as your actions. Maybe if you would of come to me and told me you were a Narcissist I could of worked with it and at least I would of known how to teach you. This statement you are making makes me wonder about your mental health, again full of cussing as well as it appears you have MAJOR issues with Flame.
Now I will address this part of the statement: you feel your above even one else. you and tivi are the reason people kill themselves, from the massive bullying.

Now the only reason and I mean the only reason you said that was for the shock value and you knew it would get a raise out of Tivi and I.
You haven’t a clue about bullying and the difference is they didn’t constantly look for you. This is the definition of bullying:

Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose. As I see it you started each and everyone of those conversations and not one of them bullied you. The statement that they are the reason people kill themselves? This was pure out and out a way to twist a statement to get at Tivi and I. Bullying isn’t taken lightly. Fact Tivi was part of a fund drive for such a thing, she put it together so that it worked with the National Bullying Campaign going on in RL. I will let her speak on that if she so chooses. I was asked to be a vendor and jumped at the chance to try and bring some light to the matter. You said that ONLY and I mean ONLY because of your information that was given as an example to NOT let happen. I lost someone very dear to me and this you KNOW so did Tivi. How dare you? Cause you think no one will call you on it? Fact I am calling you on it now. To sink so low as to place a statement like that to anyone I mean anyone. I am also stating when you left that class Monday night your parting words were “I hope you all die you fucking mother fuckers” Those my dear are your words.

It is one thing to be self-righteous and full of yourself another to point fingers and blame the whole world for your issues. Get your facts straight before opening that mouth of yours. I was nice and respectful in replying to your blog but I see now that only shoving everything back in your ball court is the only way to handle you. I have NEVER been so disappointed with the outcome of this. I was raised to respect people and their differences. It is clear you were never taught those things. Is that bullying I think not that is calling as I see it.

In closing this is the nicest I will be to you Shell. I am calm but clearly I do see what posting this will do, I am adding gasoline to the fire but,