This is in response to you Shel, you see I have nothing to hide and it is with open arms that your post is now on my blog. Yes I copy and pasted what you wrote on my blog. You see one of the things you are so hell bent on is saying everyone is in the wrong. When you attack a person it is only fair that you state all facts NOT just what YOU think was there or only half-truths. You really are a troubled person. I see where you going with this. My friend that took her life really? You are trying so hard to start something with me. This my dear really isn’t a good idea. If you would of attacked me from the beginning instead of around me this may have a different ending. Sadly honey, you do have problems and ones none of us can help with. Read your posts closely. I never once said anything about your sims or your picks. Notecards were brought up( and please be sure to read the following words carefully,) only and I mean only BECAUSE YOU AND YOU ALONE BROUGHT THEM UP. Did you not expect the others to look for those logs to makes sure they were correct and to verify with what you said? I agree you can post what you like but really post the ENTIRE CONVERSATION NOT JUST THE OTHER PERSON’S. Giving ALL the facts Shel sweetheart.

I respect REAL LIFE DOMS oh and fyi? here is where you are mixing RP with RL. In the real world they are called Sir, Miss, or Lady. We don’t address them as “FREE”, also we all don’t go around calling every Dom a Master nor do we go around kneeling at the meer presence of a Dom or Miss in the room. In the REAL WORLD no Real Dom would ever shout at another Dom’s Sub also a REAL Dom knows that they earn respect NOT because of a title they give themselves. Real Doms respect when a sub talks also my dear, HE was a guest only. No one was attacking you, they were talking and your Master interrupted another speaking. That my dear has NOTHING to do with respect, that was rude. Another fact I am not in Gor anymore and my classes are not held on a Gorean sim. You and I differ because I am a real submissive and another fyi? I would of never had to of raise my voice if  YOUR “Master” would of respected my wishes from the beginning, to allow each a turn to speak, and FYI I didn’t tell him to shut up, I started counting another fact you left out was that he told Tivi to shut up. Another tidbit for you. Even if it was a Gorean sim another has no right to tell another Master’s girl what to do. They go through the Master. I can see that this confuses you so felt it was important to stress here that, you are once again mixing a program with reality.


Here is something else for you my dear. Our graduation went very well not the outcome you wanted was it? Please DO comment on what I will post about the graduation.

Read your posts dear. You mix RP with class and then have the nerve to attack when we “try” and I use that word loosely to make some sense of what your talking about. If your going to go off half-cocked, take some time to try and calm down so that what you write others will understand.

Now that since you can’t seem to make me lower myself to your level, you have now pulled a card that I am telling you right now has shown the world how low you will stoop. I see you do understand bullying because that cupcake is what your post is. Read it carefully the meaning of bullying is the following: Bullying is unwanted, aggressive behavior among school aged children that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. The behavior is repeated, or has the potential to be repeated, over time. Bullying includes actions such as making threats, spreading rumors, attacking someone physically or verbally, and excluding someone from a group on purpose.I want to thank you for your post to my blog as now I can use it as an example to show others of bullying in it’s highest form. You as usual try and poke the sleeping lion and on this you will get what is coming to you. May not be today or tomorrow but you will have the result come back to you. Once again you don’t have all the facts and again you picked what you wanted to hear. All you have done in saying my friend took her life because of me, shows the world how black of a soul you have.

Here is another little tidbit for you, we all die and yes I will too, but I will be able to leave this world with knowing I haven’t stooped to your level. My spirit is clear and clean.


My best advise for you my darling Shel, is to seek some help for your issues, you won’t find it in SL. I do hope you get help and that you find some peace.