This graduation was one I will definitely not forget. Leading up to it I felt it would never come together. There was so much going on in the class with egos as well as my health issues. I learned a lot from this last class that I will use in the future, that is even if the classes continue. Once the air was cleared all went according to plan and off we went.

I wish to thank the sim BLADES EDGE for hosting the event. From the beginning they gave us full creativity and it was the first time that our graduation looked like a real set and from all the girls and im’s I received everyone loved it.

We were prepared for anything to happen but what happened to us only made us stronger. After I greeted and thanked the sim, I went on to introduce our graduates.

IRIS-Our first dancer to grace the sands tonight, is not only an advanced student but a renowned dance teacher in the Gorean Community. When I received her application to take my advanced classes,I was a nervous teacher. As many know I respect this lady a lot. She is what I want to be when I grow up. Iris will be preforming her fist dance tonight and it is great pleasure that I now ask Iris to take to the sands.. and of course she was top notch as always.

Iris is a well known Gorean Dance teacher. I do look up to her. You saw and felt energy in her I loved all of her dances. The one of Rya’s world really sent chills up my spine because as she did my world she had no idea that the “living props” how they were dancing and her words were what I call “calling the ancestors”


DANI- She will be preforming her graduation dance tonight. When she first came to the classes I can’t say she was a wallflower but she reminded me of a kitten, that watches everything and when the moment is right, jumps and surprises everyone. She has grown so much and is finding her voice. She has had to fight for what she wants to do and dance is one of them. Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome Dani to the sands.

Now here is where things went to hell for awhile. As soon as she put out her first emote we were griefed and it caused a lot of issues for the sim owner which I continued to say I was sorry all night. It isn’t their fault that a student that didn’t graduate couldn’t be happy for others.

The reason I know who it was because it wasn’t done once but twice and not only to Dani once but twice besides the racial slur filling the entire area but words of filled with cussing and wishing us all a Happy F**** Graduation.” Not only that but the only way someone would type the words that she said only someone with the LM (FYI graduation was way up in the sky and the only way to get to it you had to have a LM for it) also one of her alts was there. BUT here is what she did do right (hat is off to you) YOU made the graduation more fun. Everyone there relaxed and when it died down and we were back Dani had the class and poise to get back up and do her dance again. Not once did it effect her. She is a TRUE dancer.


REINE- Here is another advanced student. She sat her bar in the beginners class. Her graduation dance was one that most beginners would never attempt. She not only awed the crowd but her teacher as well. This class has been hard on her from all sides,but she never failed to be there. She knows how hard I pushed her and for that I am not sorry. She has bloomed and grown even past what I as her teacher ever expected. Tonight she preforms three dances as do all advanced and I along with all of you will be seeing them for the first time. It is with great pride that I ask you Reine to take to the sands.

Of all the graduates she needed an extra trophy because of all her crashes and coming back and doing three great dances. We all were laughing by the last crash even her. The crowd was endeared by her spunk and light spirit. She made me proud and finally I got to hear that famous giggle I have grown to love.


MUNCHKIN- As I sit here and smile,this one is as many know my daughter in SL, I think of her as my RL daughter as well. Never in my wildest dreams did I think she would enjoy my world of dance. I call her Munchkin because it fits her attitude in so many things. The advanced had to preform Master Choices for a grade. One of hers was to dance for her “teacher”. She brought me to tears at the details she put into it and as I was also grading, this one I had to step away from because of how she touched my heart. I never cut her any slack in the classes and I know at times she hated me for it. I feel pushing her let others really “see” her. Tonight it is bittersweet for me to introduce my daughter, one of the lights of my life. Please Sydney to the sands and dance.

She has really grown in dance. I remember a younger Munchkin when I showed her a collaring I was doing and her response to it was it’s ok and remember me going oh boy either I didn’t get through to her or she just isn’t into dance. Well a few years later I eat my words. She made mama proud.


JOLIE- Oh boy now this student at first didn’t say much, by the end of the classes we have developed a bond with her. Ladies and Gentlemen she is also a RL dancers. What makes me feel proud is to have a real life dancer tell me that it makes them feel like they do in real life. Her zest for dance is contagious even for us as teachers. She may never enter a pit or a dance contest which would be a shame and loss. I will hope that she thinks about it and I will be that voice in the back of her head saying “you know you want to do it” Jolie is also a beginners graduation tonight. Please join me in welcoming Jolie to the sands.

This lady did an awesome job. I so want her to go on and take the dance world in SL by storm. This lady never once said she “couldn’t” do anything. NOT ONCE she was a gem to have in class. Her insight to her world was awesome. I hope to be a voice in her head that nags at her to keep going.

What happened next was like walking down memory lane and seeing these two ladies now and remember where they began.

I wanted the audience to see through them what I feel our group of students and teachers are. Here is what I said about both of them.

Tonight I wish for you all to see the embodiment of what my group and classes are about and in saying that I have asked two women that mean the world to me to show you what the Passionate Heart Of Dance is about.

The emerald and ruby in my live are the following Tivi My emerald and Flame the Ruby. They both are enchanting and majestic. Our diamond has and will always be our Sarah our Strength. Tonight I have asked two of the co-owners to dance.

First to dance tonight will be Tivi. I have known Tivi for almost 6 years. We have had our ups and downs but one of the things that binds us is dance. Tivi has been with me from the beginning of all this. In fact she also got me to competing again through her fusion competitions. Tivi has grown more than anyone I know. She is a fierce friend and has a passion for things and certainly a way of expressing them. She finally seems to be happy with herself. What I wish for each and everyone of you to see and feel is her soul. She I feel finally trusts me with her heart and I trust her with mine. She has agreed to do one of my favorite dances that no many knew at the time was very hard for her to do,but one she “had to do” Please welcome not only a long time friend but a co-owner of the Academy our own Tivi.

Letting a woman become who she is is very hard for a lot of us in SL. The worlds do blur no matter what anyone says. This dear friend is also one of the co-owners of the Academy. Meeting her was like looking at myself in the mirror. Our first meeting was hi and her response was I am not here to dance I only came because Maddy asked me too. I was like alrighty now. I can honestly say this woman was a gift from a former Master that I can never repay. We clicked instantly she has been my constant shadow for 2 years now. We have gone through so much together I don’t know how I would get through a day without her. She has become a pure joy to watch when she dances and finally I get to see her as well as she knows how strong she really is. My Flame my partner in crime in other games and yes she got me addicted to the Sims. I love you lady, Ladies and gentlemen please welcome her to the sands.

The evening ended with our group dance. The girls were so excited about it. This was the first time that I required them to be in the same outfit. If they couldn’t afford they were given the money for it and also for the only pose that was required for the dance. They cut loose and you could feel the excitement in the air. It was great. We even strong armed Our Sarah to join us. WOOT US!!!!!

To all my students that passed and are truly passionate about dance and helping others with it. Congratulations. YOU DID IT!!!!!!!

Before I close this post there are a few things left unsaid and also the uncertainty of future classes. As you all have seen from numerous posts as well as our right to respond to them, it has been hard to work up the time and the energy to do more classes. As a teacher I feel I let all the girls down. In RL I am ill and time to me is and always will be precious even on the best of days. I have always been the one to say stand your ground if your right make sure your right but also be willing to hear others. I can’t be that person to stand up all the time. Will there be more classes that is still up in the air. If I said no then the bulling and hurtful things said about me will win. But if they are to continue it will be through the eyes of a much wiser teacher. I never go down without a fight. Time and healing will tell.

To a certain former student you didn’t win no matter what you post or spout. The only thing you did was prove that THE PASSIONATE HEART OF DANCE ACDEMEY is and will always be pure of heart and spirit. Graduation night proved that in more ways than one. They are stronger and the bond is firmly in place. My hope is one day I can come in and see someone stepping into my shoes and I will smile and shake my head smiling,and from the shadows. Whispering “that’s my girls”

I close this post and a bittersweet smile and yes tears in my eyes, for all the girls past and present I leave you with this quote that when I saw reminded me of each of you:

“There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and will be lost.”
― Martha Graham


Remember this for me that on the nights I can’t sleep and I look up into the sky? Those stars shinning so bright? they are you all, and you are my memories, my heart, and my passion.



P.S. “now just breathe!!!!!!”