After all the drama that has happened lately, I have really given so much thought to what I was going to do next. Then I stopped and went to the one place that always gives me peace and direction, My faith. As many of you know I am a witch. In saying that NO I can’t fly a broom although I would love to be able to thumb my nose at the gas stations, I can’t fling fire from my fingertips, though it would come in handy when the pilot light goes out in the stove, nor can I turn you into a toad, now that would be awesome, but the big karma god in the sky would smack me in the face and I would become the fly and well the circle would never end. Being a witch also doesn’t mean I am a passive person, my deity after all is Bridget.

Karma plays such a big role in your life. I believe in reincarnation and your past deeds come with you into this lifetime. It is up to you to fix so that you will not repeat the process the next lifetime. Now your wondering why I am telling you all this. After pray and asking for direction I need to move forward and not forget the past but learn from it.

I will be returning to SL for teaching. I will continue to do the one thing that seems to bring some smiles and joy to others. I will teach dance. As I looked over the past years as a teacher, I have seen so many women come and go in the world of dance, but not one of them have walked away. If I let pressure and drama get to me then what kind of example am I giving others. The negative energy will win over. In this day and age you can reach so many over the internet. Guess that is the beauty of it. I will also begin teaching the basics of witchcraft.

Now before everyone gets their panties in a twist. This will not be fireball throwing, running around naked, poking pins in a voodoo doll (although I do have one and know how to use). This will be about learning about wicca. The basics, A BOS, the sabbaths, elements, altars etc. So you see I will not be adding to the already clogged internet with negative energy, but try and focus on the good out there. Maybe some will be interested, and maybe not. But if I am to return to SL it has to be with a purpose. I have met and become very close friends with many in SL and to them I say thank you for being there when I needed you. For the ones that think I am a spawn from hell, well….if you want to met one I can arrange that easily with a spell, just say the word. I firmly believe in cause and effect. With all that has gone wrong in SL lately I can see if I leave their cause and effect worked. The cause (all the drama) the effect ( me giving up). Now that would never do as so many of you know me. I will not let someone else effect my life. SL is a program and in saying that I want to use it as such. So I will teach and build after all those are the things I use SL for the most.

Looking over everything that I teach I found that so much of it comes down to my faith. If I didn’t have the conviction I have in my heart then none of the past would mean a thing. I tell my students all the time too be themselves. To listen,watch, and speak softly but with your heart. So if you are up for one hell of a ride…. *reaching out my hand to you, fingers extending, waiting for you to take my hand. My green eyes raise to look deeply into yours,  a smile forms as my lips speak only to you…”come let us begin…”